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I know. It's a little confusing. Four names and as many genres, but they're all me. I've always been a reader. I love all kinds of books. Mystery and romance and adventure and romantic comedy and young adult and urban fantasy and, well, just about anything to be honest. ​


The best advice I ever received about writing was to write the book I wanted to read. Well, I like to read a lot of different types of books so I ended up writing a lot of different types.


I hope you'll take a minute to explore and find out more about the books I've written. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you want to be sure to know when I have a new book out or other news. 




Dive into WOMEN OF A CERTAIN RAGE - Leah's story - a charming cozy mystery, about friendship, motherhood, and murder.

After her son leaves for college, Leah Glaser is left at loose ends. Then her BFF’s son is accused of murdering a resident at the nursing home where she works. She knows he’s innocent and jumps in to protect him. She’ll need everything she learned as a mom – and the help of her friends – to clear his name and protect the vulnerable seniors in her care. As she gets closer to the answers, will one of the innocents she must protect be herself?

It's a mistake to underestimate the power of a mother. It's a huge mistake to underestimate a quartet of them.

If you enjoy fun romps with plenty of heart and characters who feel like your best friends, then you will adore Eileen Rendahl's charming whodunnit.